Cost & Insurances

Consultations at the Meyrin Medical Center

Individual sessions: 120CHF for 60 minutes
creative materials are provided

Individual sessions: 90CHF for 50minutes
for students, adolescents and children

Group therapy: 90 CHF per person
sessions duration is 90 minutes. Maximum 4 persons per group.

Video consultations (with zoom)

First session (video): Free
30-minute consultation with no obligation to continue

Individual session: 90CHF fοr 60 minutes

Insurance basics

Art Therapy is a complementary practice as defined by Swiss law. The compensation of the costs of Art Therapy sessions depends on the insurance cover of each individual. Here is a non-exhaustive list;

Basic insurance programmes (LaMal) do not cover Art Therapy costs.

Complementary insurance may cover art therapy typically for a maximum number of sessions per year. Here is a non-exhaustive list of Insurances that collaborate. Please consult with them prior to starting your therapy.

International Organisations have their own insurance schemes for their members and their families. They may cover complementary therapies with a referral from a general practitioner. Art therapy may be covered up to a maximum of sessions or cost per year. Please, contact your insurer directly.

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For the CERN Community

Standing by your loved one while they fulfill their dreams at CERN may require you leaving aside your own dreams for a while. Moving country, quitting a job, leaving far from your friends and family are things most of us experience, as partners of CERNOIS .

This is why I am running a quasi-voluntary group therapy at CERN Welcome Club with priority to those with no (or limited) access to insurance benefits. Feel free to contact me if you are interested to join us.

CERN Health insurance (CHIS)

Always consult CHIS prior to starting your Therapy.

CERN provides to its personnel, fellows and students a comprehensive health insurance that covers alternative therapies with a prescription from a doctor. Please consult Uniqa prior to starting your therapy.

For a complete list of services of the CHIS scheme consult the latest version of their document found under their website.

Swiss Law and regulations

The Swiss law that regulates the domain of "complementary practitioners" is referred to as "Règlement sur les pratiques complémentaires" (K3 02.03) from April 7 of 2006.

According to the Swiss Federal law ("loi sur la santé" - article 99) the therapist, as a complementary practitioner, shall make available to her patients a Registration Certificate.

Vasiliki Tsiaousi is registered with ref: Pr-041176 in the complementary practices registry of the Canton of Geneva.

Federal law (in French language): K 1 03 Loi sur la santé, 7 avril 2006 Cantonal law (in French language): K 3 05: Loi sur l'exercice des professions de la santé, les établissements médicaux et diverses entreprises du domaine médical (LPS), 11 mai 2001 and K 3 02.03 Règlement sur les pratiques complémentaires, 22 août 2006ASCA resources: Therapists profession in Geneva