My approach

A personalised therapy

we are all different people with different needs. Some need to paint in silence while others are looking forward to our session to talk about it all. Guided by my experience, I adapt my style keeping a spirit open to...

"Between my fingers I held and kneaded a hard lump of mud... Don't say I was playing, I wasn't playing, I was struggling, I was struggling to give the face of my soul to the mud"

N. Kazantzakis, Reference to Greco, 1961

creative experimentation

During our sessions I mainly follow the humanistic phenomenological approach, which is based on the "here and now" experience of creating and perceiving art images.

I encourage you to explore the different art media, enjoy the creative process, then describe your work and derive some symbolic meaning.

empowerment and empathy

I believe on the empowerment and empathy of the person involved in the therapeutic process.

This is typical of the humanistic person-centered approach that focuses on the present, the self-expression and the potentials of all individuals.

a psychodynamic approach

The psychodynamic art therapy approach has deeply influenced me and helped me to see the impact of our childhood on our life, our choices and feelings.

We look at your past experiences from, your unconscious thoughts developed mainly during childhood, your defense mechanisms and patterns, issues of transference, root causes of current emotions etc. I often give you themes in order to stimulate the creative process.

"When I find out who I am, I will be free." -

Ralph Ellison

Measurable results

I propose a therapy organised in cycles with specific objectives tailored to your needs. When working with children, I report to parents (and to insurers, if required) with a written opinion at the end of each therapeutic cycle. We review the results and set new objectives taking into account the progress in the personal, academic and social domain.

Art therapy is by definition "a documented" form of therapy; the progress made reflects on the creations of the patient. I often use a visual diary to record the results of our work.

My offering

I aim to offer a heart-warming experience and a safe, criticism-free zone. I will guide you through the healing experience with care and empathy. I will also learn from you.