Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Choosing an Art therapist is not easy. Understanding, trust, confidentiality and a friendly atmosphere are some of the ingredients that build a successful therapeutic relationship. The therapist's training and experience are key for the success of therapy. Ethics and continuous professional development too.

In Switzerland the code of ethics for art therapists and all the complementary health professions are established by the Fondation ASCA, the "fondation suisse pour les médecines complémentaires". The code of ethics refers to professional aspects such as the professional development, the clinical supervision, the confidentiality, cross-cultural relations, the private practice and other.

To find out if your art therapist is a member of ASCA please check the link at ASCA - Thérapeutes agréés.

In Geneva it is also necessary for an Art therapist to be registered with the relevant registry (droit de pratiques complémentaires du canton de Genève).

In the UK you can be assured that your therapist is qualified by checking the independent health professions council' s website ( In other European countries it can be more difficult. Please check the relevant health websites in the countries of your interest.

I am registered in the canton of Geneva and I am also in the process of enrolling in the ASCA foundation.