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Vicky is an Art Therapist with Meyrin Medical Centre and with the CERN Welcome club. She works online with individuals suffering from depression, anxiety and other emotional difficulties.

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in person at the Centre Médical de Meyrin in Geneva

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do emotions have shapes? Which fictional character do you most relate to? what colour represents fear and anxiety for you?

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"Between my fingers I was holding and kneading a big piece of mud ... Don't say I was playing, I was not playing, I was struggling, I was struggling to give the face of my soul to the mud"

N. Kazantzakis, Reference to Greco, 1961


Vicky Tsiaousi

is an ASCA accredited Art therapist working in a private medical centre in Geneva and also with the CERN welcome club. She also practices online therapy for depression and anxiety disorders, primarily for people with no access to her practice.

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