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Vicky is an Art Therapist with Meyrin Medical Centre and with the CERN Welcome club. She also works online with individuals with depression, anxiety and other emotional difficulties.

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do emotions have shapes? Which fictional character do you most relate to? what colour represents fear and anxiety for you?

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Vicky Tsiaousi

is an ASCA accredited Art therapist working in a private medical centre in Geneva and also with the CERN welcome club. She also practices online therapy for depression and anxiety disorders, primarily for people with no access to her practice.

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August 2023 “The letter”

I would like to share with you a lovely self-awareness letter and drawing, which was recently sent to me by one of my clients, we can call her Sofia, who started art therapy a year ago and half. I don't think comments are necessary. Sharing is done anonymously after consent.

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Partner Insurers

Here are some health insurance companies that have recently contributed to the cost of art therapy sessions.

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