Key words in therapy 

Stages in Therapy

Stages in Psychotherapy 

1. Commitment-contract: both client and therapist become aware of the problem that can be solved.

2. Process-decision: both the therapist and the client work to produce a change (re-parenting).

3. Change-integration: the client practises the new behaviour by thinking or feeling it until it becomes automatic.

4. Termination or re-engagement: the therapist encourage the client to continue and improve-termination without abandoment.

Stages of Self-Awareness 

Stages of Grief

"Either we remain in suffering, denial, anger, depression, anxiety and all the symptoms of post-traumatic stress, or, gradually, we arrive as an individual and as a society to integrate this information , to accept the change, to learn the lesson to improve our planning for this type of situation and, in the end, to evolve and emerge from the ordeal, Grazia Ceschi

Attachement Theory

Defense Mechanisms

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions