Art therapy

Creativity in therapy

Vicky is an Art Therapist with Clinique des Vergers and with the CERN Welcome club. She works online with individuals with depression, anxiety and other emotional difficulties.

online sessions from CHF 80.-

"Between my fingers I was holding and kneading a hard lump of mud ..... Do not say that I was playing, I was not playing, I was struggling, I was struggling to give the face of my soul to the mud"

N. Kazantzakis, Reference to Greco, 1961


I am really happy to welcome you to my site and share with you my passion for art and therapy.

My name is Vicky and I work at the Clinique des Vergers and at CERN Welcome club with adults that suffer emotional, psychosomatic and other issues. I often engage in therapy with adolescents and children with special educational and behavioural (or social) requirements, owing to my background in special education.

Let me know about you and your personal needs - art Therapy may be what you are looking for!

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