Online therapy

Online therapy

I offer reasonably priced therapy via Zoom or Skype. The creative part of the session (as needed) can be completed before or during the session.

Please contact me for an online session!

Why online therapy?

Online therapy is ideal for people who travel often for professional or personal reasons!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online therapy suitable for anyone?

This depends on the therapist and the particular case in question. If you are in life-threatening situations or have self-destructive ideas I am not able to help you online. Whether you are an existing patient of mine or not, you should consult your general practitioner immediately and let your loved ones know. 

After your consultation with your GP, please opt for individual face-to-face therapy.

Case study

During the 2020 pandemic lock-down period I run an art therapy group for kids and their families to fight the consequences of the isolation 

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