Art therapy groups

Art therapy groups

Art therapy groups are important for adults as well as for adolescents. Group participants have the opportunity to define themselves in relation to their artwork and to other participants in a safe and supportive environment.

They can identify with others or perhaps differentiate themselves from them. This is a valuable experience that can increase self-esteem and self understanding, reduce emotional distress and develop community experiences with others facing similar changes and challenges in their lives.

Themes are often proposed to stimulate the creative process and to help participants, especially beginners, to feel less lost. Joint activities are also included.

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New groups at the Centre Médical de MMeyrin and at CERN Welcome club. 

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Current group at CERN

Monday 12:30 to 14:00 Room R-020, CERN

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Groups at the Clinique des Vergers

More information when there will be enough participants.

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