What is art therapy for you?

"My experience with Vicky was unique! She is a human-angel. Talking with her helped me while I was so lost and depressed. Through the art technics, I realise a lot of things that I was not aware of. Finally, I improved my self-awareness and self-confidence. A GIANT THANKS TO VICKY FOR THAT JOURNEY!"

Avril 2021

P.K, woman 22 years old, Cyprus

You feel nailed to the ground and every day you sink deeper, until a strong wind blow lifts your body up and you learn how to fly. We can oppress our feelings to the point that makes us want to explode. So instead draw them and give them the forms you want and you end up loving them.

Mars 2021

L.F, woman 19 years old, Greece

Volcanic explosion

Street art Berlin

"Art therapy sessions are precious moments of discovery, of letting go, of introspection, of experimentation, of liberation, of reflection where the unconscious expresses itself and even transcends it. Art therapy allows to deconstruct in order to reconstruct. It is an opportunity to visit your foundations, your values, your memories, your past emotions, your aspirations. Exploring emotions reveals the richness and complexity of human relationships. Through art therapy sessions, thanks to Vicky's patience, kindness and guidance, I visited my past experiences and emotions. I became aware of some of my unconscious mental constructions and the patterns repeating. I freed myself, I calmed down, I grew up."

June 2020

M.M, woman 29 years old, France

"After two years of art therapy I would say that art therapy is: a path which consciously or unconsciously leads you to self-awareness. During this course art therapy can offer you a variety of opportunities for expressing freely your thoughts and feelings. This process can consciously or unconsciously bring about an emotional decompression and a sense of liberation. By completing each art therapy cycle and making a personal report with the support and guidance of the therapist you can consciously understand the distance you have already covered in this course and its positive impact on your personality."

May 2020

S.V, woman 30 years old, Greece

Street art in Berlin, photo by Dominico Loia