Why I love my work

10 January 2021 on LinkedIn

Why I love my work

As a small kid, I used to paint and create stories with my mind, imaginary or real, to express my feelings. Now as a mental health professional I help the people "open" their souls through creativity when they feel confused and not so strong. I do it to heal mainly depression and anxiety and also to help children and adolescents communicate better their needs and feelings.

8 reasons why I love being an art therapist

1. the magic of human stories

I have always been content to listen to people's stories and from an early age I had an innate curiosity and interest in getting to know them deeper. Now I am glad that this interest helps my patients understand who they are and what they want in their lives.

2. travelling the world

Being a therapist I have the ability to travel the same day from a home of a family in central Europe to a remote community in the Middle East. The multiculturalism of Geneva, which hosts so many international organizations, and the online therapy allow me to travel and meet people and cultures from all over the world.

3. the moments of redemption

During the sessions, the past, the present and the future meet, and the moments of redemption (moments of 'eureka' where everything sticks together) come again and again until the gradual completion of the therapy. I feel lucky to be the companion of this journey and to experience these moments of absolute satisfaction, where people discover feelings and thoughts for the first time in their life. Especially when all this is reflected in a piece of artwork!

4. knowing myself better

I am very lucky that through this process I can also understand and get to know myself even better and work for my own personal development.

5. liberation through artistic creation

I sometimes say that I would like to have the whole world in a circle, to draw and share our stories all together! I really like to create with my own hands, but also to see others do the same thing. Through the sessions I have the pleasure of watching the emotional release of people who create what they want, often with very simple materials, without criticism and fear, but with acceptance and love. And when I can participate in this process more actively, my joy is even greater!

6. an environment of truth and trust

As an earthy type of person, listening to her instincts and emotions, I always encourage the establishment of a relationship of truth and trust with my patients. Life is so much easier and creative in this climate of collaboration, but so is the treatment so much more effective. A place like that makes me feel comfortable and happy, especially when when I see others feel the same way.

7. I get paid to do what I love

I am lucky to be paid to make my passion a profession and to meet interesting people who I respect for the course they have followed in their lives. And I'm lucky to work with all these people who see their mental health as valuable as their physical health!

8. I work with international communities

Traveling from country to country in recent years with my family has strengthened my need to join international communities like EFAT, European Federation of Art Therapists, for organising social action programmes and promoting Art Therapy, and CWC, CERN Welcome Club, where I run art therapy groups for its employees and their families.