Secrets of Therapy

March 2021

What is the secret to succesful therapy?

You are thinking to get on track for some self-discovery and healing or you are curious to better know your self. Before you commit your self to therapy here are a few "small secrets" to help you succeed.

Your therapist's empathy is perhaps the single most important ingredient for a successful therapeutic relationship. Understanding, feeling the patient even if you disagree with them, being open and tolerant, are elements that determine the course of our therapy.

To remain focused on the objectives we have set, while I help my patient to gain back their autonomy, is one of my guiding pronciples. Treatment will transition through different stages such gaining better awareness of the situation, the acceptance, and grief for some loss, difficulty, or trauma and my role is to guide you safely while remaining focused on our goal.

Another secret of a successful therapeutic work is the will of the a patient to face those issues that bring them to me. You may find it difficult to see the way out at the beginning of the treatment; those who are most determined change their lives by creating the right conditions for an effective therapy.

Finally, a good feeling, we often call "chemistry" between the therapist and the patient, is also key for building trust, and building an honest relationship.