Should I take medication or not?

December 2020

Are medications necessary for the treatment of mental illnesses?

Medicines are necessary mainly for people who have serious or chronic mental health problems and are systematically monitored by a psychiatrist. Parallel psychological support is recommended, so that these people feel (and they are the ones) that determine their lives.

Of course, it is not rare for people who have less serious problems to often resort to medication because they are looking for faster relief of symptoms and a more immediate improvement of their quality of life. This choice is not reprehensible and it is good to be accompanied by psychological support (see the different types of psychotherapy here) to effectively solve the problem.

There are also cases where people refuse to take their prescribed medications or "forget" them, which can have consequences in their personal and social life, but also sometimes in their general mental and physical condition. Their support from other mental health specialists is deemed necessary in this case.

Vicky Tsiaousi as an art therapist offers therapy that works in addition to medical care.

Easy and inexpensive access to drugs (reimbursed by health insurances as opposed to complementary forms of treatment) is a main reason for their widespread use.

Vicky Tsiaousi is a special education teacher who, after years of experience in special schools in Great Britain, followed a postgraduate qualification and clinical experience in art psychotherapy in Edinburgh, Scotland. She practiced as an art psychotherapist in Scotland, England and Sweden. In Switzerland he practices as an art therapist certified by ASCA (Fondation Suisse pour le Médecines Complémentaires).