How is a psychotherapist's fee determined?

February 2022

The remuneration of a psychologist or psychotherapist or other mental health specialist is determined by a series of specialized costs related to the profession and of course by his personal needs. I present to you the most important ones:

1. The time before and after our session

Before our session I usually take a few minutes to read the notes from our last meeting. After the end of the session I fill in the notes I take during the session and gradually leave behind this emotional journey that I experience with each of you.

2. Insurance, pension contributions and taxation

They are mandatory for all freelancers.

3. Participation in professional associations

For keeping up to date with my profession, I am a member of art therapy professional associations in Switzerland (ASCA, APSAT), in the UK (BAAT) and in Europe (EFAT).

4. Continuing education and conferences

I attend seminars and conferences in my field at least once a year as required by the professional body that supervises me (ASCA).

5.Remuneration of my supervising therapist

Therapists have the obligation but also the need to speak confidentially to a supervising therapist, both to receive guidance in difficult cases and to discharge themselves.

6.Rent of business premises

In healing professions, being able to visit and meet the therapist in person is a basic right. You are always welcome at the Center Medical de Meyrin in Geneva.

7. Cost of promotion in the networking media

Without them it would be impossible to read this page :-)

8. Cost of living

I am happy when, at the end of the day, I can offer myself and my family the necessities.