The first Day of Art Therapy in Europe

24 September 2022

Celebrating the first Day of Art Therapy in Europe (DATE)

On 24 September 2022 art therapists from all over Europe gave a DATE to celebrate art therapy by running art therapy workshops, making presentations or offering anything that would help promoting our very interesting, creative and insightful field!

The Cern Welcome Club offered me a big salle to run the workshop I had in mind, but then I was wondering what the theme would be on such a day and in such a place! The universe came straight to my mind! What is your universe made of? How has it evolved throughout the years?

The four people who turned up that morning had never tried art therapy before which was great! They all started working with excitement and soon they entered the magic world of painting without without a specific objective, without a specific technique but most importantly without judgement.

The symbolical way they worked with was inspiring! They created different universes with planets representing a big variety of parts in their lives, either from the past or from the present!

What an amazing travel to the universe on that day! Really happy to have participated in this festivity and be part of the art therapy history in Europe!