The success of psychotherapeutic sessions

What is the secret to the success of a series of psychotherapy sessions?

Therapist's empathy is perhaps the most important factor in how successful a therapeutic relationship will be. Understanding, feeling the patient even if you disagree with them, being open and tolerant, are elements that determine the course of psychotherapy.

As treatment often goes through the stages of awareness, acceptance, and grief for some loss, difficulty, or trauma, remaining focused on the ultimate goal of the patient, autonomy, is essential for the outcome. Setting goals by the therapist in collaboration with the client is essential to achieving these goals safely and confidently.

Another secret of a successful therapeutic relationship is the will of the patient to face the problem that concerns them. Most people are unable to see the way out at the beginning of the treatment, but those who are determined to find the solution and change their lives create the right conditions for an effective psychotherapy.

Finally, we could not refer to the chemistry between the therapist and the patient, which is a basic condition for building trust, an essential ingredient for the completion of any therapeutic relationship.